PROGRAMME 9 (13 musicians) “Mozart’s Gran Partita” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Serenade in B flat major “Gran Partita” KV 361/370a (Vienna 1784-1784) for 2 oboes,2 clarinets, 2 bassetthorns, 4 horns, 2 bassoons, doublebass Largo, Molto Allegro – Menuetto, Trio 1 e Trio 2 – Adagio – Menuetto (allegretto)Trio 1 e Trio 2 – Romance (adagio,allegretto) – Tema con variazioni (andante) – Finale (molto allegro) ZEFIRO: Oboes: Alfredo Bernardini, Paolo Grazzi Clarinets: Lorenzo Coppola, Danilo Zauli Bassetthorns: Daniele Latini, Tindaro Capuano Horns: Dileno Baldin, Brunello Gorla, Ermes Pecchinini, Gabriele Rocchetti Bassoons: Alberto Grazzi, Giorgio Mandolesi Doublebass: Giancarlo De Frenza N.B. The duration of this programme is about one hour without break. For a concert with break, one of the Mozart/da Ponte arrangements as in programme 10 can be added as a short first part (ca.25 minutes) Reviews: “La Gran Partita de Mozart son palabras mayors y el Zefiro hizo honor a la mùsica que tenìa entre manos.” L. Suñén, in Scherzo (E), Julio-Agosto 1998 “From the first sound heard in the hall all listeners were gripped with strong envy of the audience of Mozart, who had the privilege of hearing such instruments with such a beautiful and refined sound as a daily matter. The entire evening was fullof humour and self amusement; the true pleasure of the musicians from the music they perform was apparent, and they infused the hall with their talent of playing together and making use of the unique tone of the period instruments.” Noam Ben Zeev, in Ha’aretz (Israel), 23.3.2000 “On a admiré la parfaite synchronisation, la superbe harmonie, la pureté sonore et l’éblouissante couleur musicale de l’ensemble. Aussi a-t-on immensement apprécié l’humour enchanteur de ses merveilleux instrumentistes,qui ont su faire la joie de l’assistance. Une joie souriante, plaisante, émouvante, qu’on n’a que très rarement l’occasion de ressentir lors de différents concerts ” a. Gayed, in Le Progrès Egyptien, 6.5.2000 Recordings: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Serenade KV 361/370a “Gran Partita” for 13 instruments; Astrée-Auvidis E 8605